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Message from the Executive Board

Hi Ladies:

In our 2019 Convention Booklet President Alycia Laureti wrote that 2019/2020 would be a year

of change. She asked we be willing to adapt to change and take the necessary steps to

move our mission forward. She also wrote when we come together as Catholic women,

we can embrace our past and empower our future. With those words in mind I would like to

remind everyone of some of the changes we have made thus far.

We moved our annual convention from Monday to Saturday, made numerous revisions to the

by-laws, created a grant program to aid the districts and parishes financially and provided

manuals to the district and parish presidents. We hosted a successful Baby Shower,

promoted the Cross Catholic Boxes of Joy program, and adopted the

“Seven Sisters Apostolate” program for the parishes to pray every day for their priests.

During the 2020/2021 year we will finalize the revisions to “Marian Day” to become a One-Day Retreat and create transparency of our SDA fund, so the parishes understand how their contributions to the program are being used.

In closing, I am looking forward to working with my fellow officers and the board on new projects during the next two years!! Let’s keep moving forward into the future embracing change and growing our council membership!!

Our Lady of Good Counsel Pray for Us

Pat Fraley

Recording Secretary

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