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The intent of the award is to recognize young woman in the Diocese who have made a significant contribution to their parish and community in service and leadership.

The nominees for the award should be a member of the Harrisburg Diocese who:

• is a young woman who is a high school student, grades 9-12

• shows leadership

• portrays spirituality and reflects the Gospel values in her everyday life

• goes above and beyond in a service project when compared to her peers

• is a practicing Catholic who attends Sunday Mass regularly

• is a member of a Parish

• has served as an outstanding role model of service to others

• has abided by the mission of HDCCW.

The 2nd Annual Awards will be presented at our 2023 Convention. Nomination packets can be found here, and the deadline for nominations is March 31, 2023.

Any questions regarding the award may be directed to Alycia Laureti, at

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