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In 2021, the HDCCW launched “Council Insights”, learning bites where we hope to share with you engaging and practical workshops, providing a short, sharp burst of insight and hopefully inspiration.

Check back periodically for more interviews, and spiritual discussions! Be sure to also visit us on YouTube- Harrisburg Diocesan Council of Catholic Women HDCCW.

                                  Parliamentary Insight

                            How to run a successful Council.

                              St. Joseph and Other Saints

              How we can relate to St. Joseph and many other Saints

                                          Parish Projects

             Learn some successful parish projects and how to execute.

Council Month and Spirituality

An interview with Susan Merfa, HDCCW Historian and Linda Melencheck, Family Commission Co-Chair on the topic of Council and spirituality. 

How Council has Evolved

Current and Past HDCCW Presidents discuss how HDCCW has evolved.

Council Reorganization 

Interview with Parish President- 

Donna Weldon who Donna talks about her love of Council and starting up.

Faith and Family

Boxes of Joy

Boxes of Joy

Program Leaders discuss the Boxes of Joy Program


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